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Acquisitions by Year

expand 1992
expand 1993
Alaska Basic Industries, Inc.
LTM, Incorporated
expand 1995
Hawaiian Cement (50%)
expand 1996
Medford Ready Mix, Inc.
expand 1997
Hawaiian Cement (remaining 50%)
expand 1998
Mitchler Ready-Mix
Farmers Sand & Gravel Quarry
Angell Bros., Inc.
Hap Taylor & Sons, Inc.
Elk Grove Ready Mix
expand 1999
DSS Company
expand 2000
Pre Cast Concrete Company
Connolly-Pacific Co.
Gresham Sand & Gravel Company
Best Mix Concrete Co., Inc.
Empire Sand & Gravel Co, Inc.
expand 2001
WHC, Ltd.
Metro Rock & Construction Co.
expand 2002
Granite City Ready Mix, Inc. Companies
Buffalo Bituminous, Inc.
expand 2003
Atlas, Inc.
McElroy and Wilken, Inc.
expand 2004
Masco, Inc.
Pohakulepo Quarry
expand 2005
Norm's Utility Contractor, Inc.
Jebro Incorporated
Fairbanks Precasters, Inc.
expand 2006
Valley Asphalt and Paving, Inc.
expand 2007
Ames Sand & Gravel, Inc.
Lampasas Quarry
Star Aggregates
expand 2008
Yarbrough’s Material & Construction
Ideal Contractors
expand 2009
expand 2010
No acquisitions in 2010
expand 2011


Knife River has a proven track record of acquisition and expansion within the construction materials industry. Our strategy is to acquire established businesses that have a proven history of performance, strong management, workplace safety and environmental compliance. In addition, we are seeking to grow our materials-based operations and to target opportunities in mid-sized markets that have above average growth potential. If you own or know of a business that would complement our operations, please feel free to contact us at

Acquisitions by Product Line


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