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Nov 24, 2014, 16:01 PM
Business phone:
(701) 530-1400
1150 West Century Avenue, Bismarck, North Dakota United States
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  1. connie | Apr 24, 2017

    This is in reference to your Cheyenne, Wyo branch.

    You have a "truck boss" by the name of Boyd, (don't know his last name)

    I have a leaser truck and last year i was asked by Dan Hawkins and Phil Ross if I could lease out to them last year. I've know Dan and Phil for years and told them, "not a problem'', but due to an extremely bad experience a few years ago, I would not haul apshalt and that was o.k.. 

    Last year I talked to Boyd and as soon as he found out he WAS NOT going to bully or intimidate me like he does everyone else, he refused to hire my truck again which was just fine with me because I have plenty of work. I figure if he would rather pay $20 - $25 per hour more for someone he could bully and intimidate, then it was no big deal to me.

    The issue I have is, I was in there today dumping a load of concrete (it was clean with no rebarb in it, I do not dump dirty material), loaded a load of w-base and went into scale to get ticket.

    Boyd was in the office and told me, next time I had a load to dump, I had to go over scale so he can visually inspect the load. I tried telling him I always make sure it is clear of debris because I know it will mess up the crusher. He did not want to listen to ANYTHING I had to say. I told him Dan Hawkins told me I could dump, He didn't care what Dan Hawkins had to say either. He was VERY VERY rude and condecending. And I know it all stems back to the issue we had last year.

    I have talked to some of your Cheyenne drivers and they have been threatened with their jobs and he downgrades everyone. I asked why they don't fill out a complaint and they all know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING will be done because he is roping buddies with Joe Wiesen. And they will lose their jobs.

    Me personally, I've been doing this for over 35 years and NOBODY will talk to me this way.

    I have alot of contractors that I have referred to Knife the end of this, I am calling them ALL and letting them know how I was disrespected. 

    I know nothing will be done, I just thought you would like to know how this man disrespects people and how everyone in that Cheyenne office will lie for each other and will fire anyone who stands up to them.

    Once again, have fun with this man. Pay $25 more per hour for leasers (after all Boyd needs to bully and intimidate). And when your employees start filing legal action against K.R. because of this man...I will be the first to testify for them because he TRIED it with me.

  2. Krista Fevold | Aug 02, 2016
    I parked my car in the Walmart parking lot at the South Sioux City location with their permission on Saturday, July 23. They told me it would be perfectly fine to park there for 3 days as long as I parked on the outside edge, which I did. When I returned to pick it up on Tuesday, July 26 it was gone. Walmart said they did not call for a tow. Walmart then went and asked your contractors if they called for the tow. Your contractors denied doing so. At this point I was panicking thinking my car had been stolen. Walmart then helped me look through their surveillance videos pinpointing when my car was taken and by which towing company, Stockton Towing. Stockton Towing then verified it was in fact your company who called for the tow. Since my car was on Walmart property and they didn't authorize a tow and weren't notified by your company they would begin their work earlier than stated I believe it should be your responsibility to pay my $60 tow bill. Yesterday I talked with a Bruce, from Sioux City, from your company and he says he doesn't believe it's your responsibility to pay it and I need to take this up with Walmart. It was your lack of communication with Walmart that caused this whole misunderstanding. I will be taking this to the Better Business Bureau if I don't get reimbursed.
  3. Ed Havicus | Sep 19, 2015
    I would like to talk with someone about a chairtable donation. How do I contact someone about that?

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