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Intermountain Terms and Conditions


Concrete contains Portland Cement and is irritating, especially to skin and eyes. When handling concrete, wear protective clothing, including eye protection, rubber boots, and gloves. In case of contact with skin or eyes, flush thoroughly with clean water. If swallowed, or if irritation persists, get immediate medical attention. Prolonged contact with Portland Cement may cause serious lime-burns. KEEP CHILDREN AWAY FROM FRESH CONCRETE.


Drivers are prohibited from delivering concrete except under the trucks own power and where site conditions permit the safe and proper operation of his or her equipment. Drivers are not permitted to add water to the mix to exceed the maximum ordered slump. Drivers are prohibited from leaving the public roadway by crossing over the curb-line, except when authorized by the customer, having signed and accepted the release of liability on the front side of this form. Drivers will make a reasonable effort to place material where the customer designates. Prices are based on curb-line delivery on a readily accessible road to the point of discharge. Knife River Corporation cannot accept responsibility for damage caused by our equipment to curbs, gutters, sidewalks, driveways, lawns, trees, or other personal property. Buyer agrees to pay all towing charges if jobsite conditions cause the truck to be disabled or stuck.


Net 10th day of the month following date of invoice. A late payment service charge of 1.5% per month will be charged on accounts 30 days past due from date of billing. This service charge carries an annual percentage rate of 18%. Minimum service charge of $1.00. In the event any account is not fully paid when due, Buyer agrees to pay, upon demand, all expenses and fees reasonably incurred in collecting the balance due, whether a legal action is filed or not. Such expenses shall include, but are not limited to, attorney and other professional fees incurred in the collection process. If legal action is instituted, Buyer shall be liable for all fees, costs, and expenses awarded by the trial court or by any appellate court.



Knife River Corporation guarantees correctly proportioned concrete as delivered from the transit mixer.”In-place” or “In-the-form” yield will NOT be guaranteed, nor will any other form of yield calculation except by an ACI-certified concrete field-testing technician who performs the yield calculation procedures set forth by WAQTC, ACI, ASTM, or AASHTO.



Since the cement used in concrete mixes is manufactured by others, the color of the cement, and consequently the color of the concrete, will not be guaranteed by Knife River Corporation.


Additional water mixed into this concrete will reduce its ultimate strength.    Any water added will be done so at customer risk.

Seller does not guarantee concrete when temperatures drop to 40 degrees and below the day of the pour and/or 7 days following the pour.