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How We Do It

Knife River is a People-First Construction Company

Everything we do is possible because of our team

We believe in building things that last, and that starts with our employees. The heart of our “Life at Knife” philosophy is building strong teams that, in turn, build strong communities!

The Power of Human Connection

We are a construction materials company that believes in building things that last – starting with strong teams. We take care of our teams with an excellent safety program and great pay and benefits. To learn more, please visit our Careers page.

World-Class Training

Training is an investment in the future of our company. We provide extensive and ongoing training to our teams at every Knife River location and at our state-of-the-art Training Center in Oregon. We believe in preparing everyone for the job they have and want.

Who We Are

At Knife River, our “Life at Knife” is how we live our four core values: People, Safety, Quality and the Environment.


We will take care of our team by providing them the tools, training and time to perform their work safely and successfully. We will provide competitive wages and benefits. We will deliver excellent customer service and treat everyone with respect. We will watch out for the public in our work zones and anywhere we operate.


Our top priority on every task, every time, every day. We strive to lead the world in safety not because of statistics, but because we genuinely care about people’s wellbeing. Everyone has the right to be safe and the responsibility to look out for their co-workers, the public and themselves.


We will deliver consistent, high-quality products and services to our customers. We will get called back to do more work, not re-work. We will build relationships with our customers and the public, so they know they can depend on us.


We continuously manage our impact on the environment to minimize our footprint and to keep our states beautiful for future generations.

Giving Back

We build roads and bridges that connect us all to home, work, school and play. We also support charitable organizations through our Building Strong Communities program.

Our charitable efforts are focused on three key areas:


Our goal is to increase the number of available minority, female, veteran and disabled candidates by working directly with organizations that advocate on their behalf.

One Team: Stronger Together

When you make a commitment to putting people first, that of course means every person. At Knife River, we are one team, and we are stronger together.

We will treat each other fairly and with respect. We will operate with integrity. And we will keep learning so that we are constantly improving.

Training Programs

  • Unconscious Bias
  • Diversity and Discrimination
  • National Association of Minority Contractors
    • Anti-racism in the construction industry
  • EEO/AAP Compliance
  • Anti-Harassment
  • Leading With Integrity Program
    • Anti-bullying
    • Workplace respect
    • Sexual harassment
    • Anti-discrimination
  • External Programs Sponsored
    • DEI 101
    • Unpacking DEI
    • Diversity & Bias Thinking


Our core values of People, Safety, Quality and the Environment guide our sustainability efforts. Combined, these efforts reflect our ongoing commitment to sound business practices as we continue on our path toward a sustainable future.

We are a people-first company that believes investing in training supports skill development, team member retention and long-term business continuity.

We are committed to health and safety, and a culture that values, respects and supports our team members and the public.

We are committed to strong corporate governance, to producing high-quality products and services, and to being a good neighbor in our communities.

We always aim to operate efficiently to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.