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We produce & lay down asphalt.

Asphalt is used to pave roads, driveways and parking lots, giving them a smooth, durable surface. Asphalt covers 94% of America’s roads, 90% of parking areas and 85-90% of airport runways.

Production and Paving

Knife River produces and delivers asphalt from 50 plants across the western United States, including several portable plants that support paving projects on our nation’s network of roadways. 

From highways to driveways, Knife River paving crews excel at producing high-quality driving surfaces. Communication is key on paving jobs, and our skilled teams work together to deliver safe, high-quality results for our customers.

Liquid Asphalt

Looking for liquid asphalt? We can help! These Knife River subsidiaries provide liquid asphalt in markets across the western U.S.

Life at Knife: Asphalt

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