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Missoula Montana Airport


Since the Fall of 2018, Knife River has been working for Martel Construction and Missoula Montana Airport to construct the new airport terminal. Knife River crews demolished the existing concrete ramp, excavated and backfilled the foundation for the new terminal building, installed sewer and water lines, constructed new access roads, and reconstructed and expanded the parking lots. These projects are challenging because of the phasing and coordination needed to keep the existing terminal in operation and provide adequate parking while constructing the new terminal and reconstructing and expanding the existing parking lots. Knife River’s work has been a portion of the $67 million project to build a new terminal at the Missoula Airport to meet the skyrocketing demand for air travel in the Missoula and Western Montana market.             


2,200 cubic yards of concrete; 86,000 tons of aggregates; 15,000 tons of asphalt.

Project Location

Missoula, Montana

Project Owner

Missoula Montana Airport

Knife River Employees

60 Employees